19th Project meeting – March 7, 2023

The PrevInf Project team gathered for the 19th online Project meeting. Partners were reminded regarding subcontracting costs items, as there is material that could be purchased by the partners HEIs within this rubric.

With WP3 coming to an end (March, 2023), the pre-final version of the PrevInf Model was presented to the entire Consortium. WP5 was again addressed, namely the status of the chapters/modules of the PrevInf E-book, the status of manuscripts referring to scientific papers, PrevInf Website and international events. All responsibilities in each of these areas were recalled. All the programming prepared for WP4 was once again passed on to the partners, in a presentation with the foreseen objectives and indicators, presented by Savonia UAS.

Finally, an overview of TM5 – Kuopio Agenda’s draft was presented (May 21 to 26, 2023).

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