21st Project meeting – June 15, 2023

The PrevInf Project team gathered for the 21st online Project meeting. Partners were reminded that a request was made for a 3-month extension to the project. A response from the EACEA is awaited.

The status of WP4 pilots in each partner HEI was analyzed. Vietnamese teams have already completed all Model and Simulation Scenarios pilots. WP5 was again addressed, namely the status of the chapters/modules of the PrevInf E-book, the status of manuscripts referring to scientific papers, PrevInf Website and international events. All responsibilities in each of these areas were recalled.

Finally, a brief overview of TM4 – Hai Duong was done (August 27 – September 1, 2023). Issues related to visa needs and travel arrangements by the partners were analysed. The travel of one more member of each Cambodian team is pending the approval of the extension request made to the EACEA.

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