23rd Project meeting – September 28, 2023

The PrevInf Project team gathered for the 23rd online Project meeting.

The PrevInf International online Events was an important topic of discussion. These three Events will occur during the month of October, and are expected to attend in total at least one thousand (1.000) nursing teachers/tutors and relevant stakeholders. As HMTU organized the PrevInf International presential Event on August 29th, NDUN (October 04th), BNI (October 18th) and IU (October 26th) will host the online events. The Agendas were finalized and important notes and recommendations for the organization of the events were shared, particularly regarding the dissemination, registrations and operationalization.

The linguistic review (EN) of the PrevInf E-Books produced will start on September 25th, and is expected to be completed by October 15th. After these dates, the PrevInf E-Books will be translated into three languages (Portuguese, Vietnamese and Khmer). All responsibilities associated were recalled.

Finally, an overview of TM6 – Kampong Chhnang (Cambodia) was addressed. This Transnational Meeting will be held between November 26th – December 01st, 2023. It was recalled that the travel of one more member of each Vietnamese team was also approved by the EACEA. The Agenda was also discussed.

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