PrevInf International online Events

Supporting Asian Nurses, Nurse Educators, and Nursing Students in Healthcare-Associated Infections Prevention and Control

During the month of October, the PrevInf International online Events were held. These were educational events for presenting the outcomes of the project.

NDUN team (October 04th), BNI team (October 18th) and IU team (October 26th) hosted the three online events.

The online events were very successful, and more than 1.300 nursing teachers/tutors and relevant stakeholders from the local nursing and medical universities have attended in total. In these online events, we had participants from 12 different countries: Portugal, Finland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Cuba, Spain, El Salvador, United States, United Kingdom, Thailand and Turkey. The PrevInf project was generally adressed, as well the respective outputs (e.g. PrevInf Model, PrevInf E-Books, PrevInf Simulation Scenarios and PrevInf Community). There was also space for the presentation of oral communications coming from authors from Portugal, Brazil and United States of America.

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