24th Project meeting – October 27, 2023

The PrevInf Project team gathered for the 24th online Project meeting.

Initially, the data analysis regarding the results from the last piloting rounds was presented. A total of 430 students were engaged in the final piloting of the PrevInf Model and Simulation Scenarios (177 students from Vietnam and 253 from Cambodia), being 333 female and 97 male. After being introduced to the PrevInf Model, generally the students perceived a better opportunity for development, critical thinking, responsibility, creativity, reflection, appreciation and proactivity.

A total of 121 nursing educators engaged were also auscultation targeted (65 teachers and 56 nurse educators / 81 female and 40 male). Concerning the PrevInf Model, it was perceived that this “is implementable”, “meets my approval”, “easy to understand”, “appealing”, “suitable”, “aligned with my vision” and “can help me structuring my teaching/tutoring sessions”. Regarding the PrevInf Simulation Scenarios, the best results were obtained in the categories “easy to implement”, “applicable given our institutional resources”, “cover essential healthcare-associated infection prevention and control topics for nursing education”, “constitute a suitable pedagogical strategy in my institution”, “a good match for our students’ learning needs”, “aligned with my vision for the teaching of healthcare-associated infection prevention and control” and “Fit my teaching/tutoring practice”.

Later, all partners were congratulated for the success related to the PrevInf International Events. For the presential event in Hai Duong (August 29th), it was expected to attend at least 100 nursing teachers/tutors and relevant stakeholders. Nearly 200 participants (students, teachers, educators, and medical personnel) from the local nursing and medical universities have participated; For the online events, it was expected to attend in total at least 1.000 nursing teachers/tutors and relevant stakeholders. More than 1.300 (online) and 300 (in classroom) nursing teachers/tutors and relevant stakeholders from the local nursing and medical universities have attended in total (October 04th – 442 online participants); (October 18th – 492 online participants); (October 26th – 401 online participants + 300 students in classroom environment).

It was decided the preparation of three 3 videos: i) the Promotional Animation Video, foreseen in the budget and under the responsibility of BNI; ii) an Institutional Video from all partners (ESEnfC, Savonia, NDUN, HMTU, IU and BNI), addressing the work done in the Project (added value and sustainability in the respective universities’ curricula); iii) A last video from the Asian partners (NDUN, HMTU, IU and BNI), aiming at an Institutional feedback related to the experience and success concerning the PrevInf International Events.

Finally, and since this is the last meeting before the TM6 – Kampong Chhnang (Cambodia), an overview of the Agenda was addressed. This Transnational Meeting will be held between November 26th – December 01st, 2023.

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