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ពិធីបិទបញ្ជប់កិច្ចប្រជុំគម្រោង PrevInf (Nursing Project) ដែលគាំទ្រថវិកាដោយ សហគមន៍អ៊ឺរ៉ុប នៅសាកលវិទ្យាល័យ អន្តរជាតិ – International University (

International University is a top private higher education institution specializing in medicine & medical science. Established in 2002, IU is recognized and nationally accredited by the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Royal Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports and the Accreditation Committeeof Cambodia (ACC).

International University education standards are recognized by transnational medical institutions such as the Asia-Europe Foundation, ASAIHL, UN World Health Organization (WHO), including accreditation with the U.S. based ECFMG, FAIMER and IMED enabling medical school graduates to take the three complete steps of the USMLE and on successful completion can register for physician residency and practice medicine in the United States.

The medium of instruction used at IU are English and Khmer. Affiliations: CHEA, ACC, AMEA, IIME, ECFMG, IMED, UN WHO, ASAIHL, FAIMER, ASEF, SEAADEIU and Sen Sok IU Hospital joins together to conduct many training programs for the students in Midwifery, especially inviting Guest lecturers from US, UK and other Nursing and Midwife organization to join with us to conduct 1 week to 10 days training program.


Nget Buntha
Dean, teacher and researcher

Sabo Ojano
PhD, MSc – Manager

Neth Barom
PhD, MSc – Teacher, trainer and researcher

Vouch Phisith 
Coodinator, teacher, trainer and researcher

Toun Soksambat 
Teacher, trainer and researcher

Sath Mutta
Teacher, trainer and researcher

Chhay Kry
Teacher and researcher

Gnan Channoeurn
Teacher, trainer and researcher

Kim Chantha
Teacher and researcher

Nget Manndy
Steering group researcher, teacher and researcher

Suy Sophea
Financial staff

Dam Thida
Administrative Staff

Bolyno Institute


The Capacitating Asia’s Nursing Students on Innovation and Sustainable Prevention and Control of Healthcare associated Infection held on July 11, 2023 – Bolyno

Bolyno Institute was founded by His Excellency Prof. Dr. Uon Sabo on March 19, 2009. The Institute is endorsed by the Sub-decree of March 15, 2010, singed by Em Sithy Minister of the Education Government of Cambodia.

Because education has been one of Cambodia’s priorities in the last 10 years, the output of health professionals has been high. However, the training has focused on quantity rather than quality, and on rote learning: students take notes, memorize, and are tested on facts. Integration, problem solving, and supervised clinical experience are minimal.

Education is based on a curative model, with training based in hospitals rather than in the community. Much of the health training comes from a French model from the 1960s and does not take into account Cambodia’s current problems.

As is true throughout Cambodia, very few books are available, and only a few are in Khmer. The nursing and medical textbooks consist of mimeographed notes that students must purchase from the school. The languages of instruction in the Faculty of Medicine have been French and Khmer, but program is being developed for Khmer-only instruction. Nursing schools teach in Khmer, but due to the great number of technical terms in French, many of the written materials are in French. French is included in coursework in the School of Nursing, and both French and Russian are offered as courses at the Faculty of Medicine.

School of Nursing, Bolyno Institute is one of nursing schools in Cambodia which difference from public school due to we use English as main language after Khmer. The training is three years for nurses, midwives, and laboratory technicians (Associate degree) and four years in Bachelor degree and those degrees must be follow with national Curriculum and we do not have a graduate school, it is not for BNI but the whole country. In the field of research, Bolyno Institute has it research Centre and try to promote research field but due to the human recourse still limited and lack of study materials then we have less students and professor interested.


Siv Sarin
Coordinator and researcher

Song Chhiay
Teacher and researcher

Em Sovannarith
Teacher and researcher

Nhem Vannarith
Teacher and researcher

Im Soreysreyrath
Teacher and researcher

Eam Mao
Teacher and researcher

Ouch Bory
Teacher and researcher

Heng Socheat
Teacher and researcher

Sek Sophon
Teacher and researcher

Pao Panha
Technical and administrative staff

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