Nam Dinh University of Nursing

Nam Dinh University is situated in a 5-hectare area in Nam Dinh city in the North East of Vietnam. The University was established on the basis of Medical College of Nam Dinh province formerly known as Nam Dinh School of Physical assistants founded in 1960. In 2014, the University was upgraded to Nam Dinh University of Nursing –the first public university of Nursing in Vietnam.

Vision: Strive for the one of branding University for Nursing and Midwifery education in Vietnam and worldwide.

Mission: Improve the quality of human resource in Nursing, Midwifery and develop Nursing and Midwifery Science in Vietnam.

Values: Friendliness, Responsibility, Creativity and Efficiency.

Educational philosophy: Hand, Heart, Head and Honor.

To educate & enable students:

  • Be skillful & professional healthcare provider (Hand),
  • Consider health profession as unique, compassionate & ethical (Heart)
  • Be practitioners with critical thinking, independent & creative performance (Head)
  • Be proud of healthcare profession and responsible for the development of the community and society (Honor)

Key activities: Educate health human resources at the degrees of undergraduate, postgraduate, specialist level I, specialist level II in nursing, midwifery, public health, nutrition and other health science; conduct scientific researches, combine scientific researches with education, production and scientific-technological services.

Training scale: NDUN’s training scale is over 3500 students at undergraduate and postgraduate level majoring in nursing, midwifery, public health and nutrition.

Training programs: NDUN educates 150-200 learners at different post graduate degrees (Doctoral in nursing, Master of science in nursing and Nursing specialist level I), and educates 2000 students at full time (Nursing, Midwifery, Public health, Nutrition) and bridging bachelor programme (General nursing, and Maternity nursing)

Staff: Currently, NDUN have 306 staff including 194 faculty (01 Assoc. Professor, 12 PhD, 28 Senior Lecturers, 4 Specialist Doctors, 2 Specialist Pharms, 27 Specialist Nurses & 120 Masters) and have 73 Visiting Lecturers from National and International University and Hospitals.


Truong Tuan Anh
PhD, MD, Manager

Ngo Huy Hoang
Phd, MD, Teacher, trainer and researcher

Vu Thi La
MSc, RN, Teacher, trainer and researcher

Mai Thi Lan Anh
MSc, RN, Teacher, trainer and researcher

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong
MSc, RN, Teacher, trainer and researcher

Pham Thi Bich Ngoc
MSc, RN, Teacher, trainer and researcher

Le Van Cuong
MSc, RN, Teacher, trainer and researcher

Mai Thi Thanh Thu
PhD, Administrator

Pham Thi Thuy Chinh
MA, Technical

Hoang Thi Minh Thai
MSc, RN, Teacher, trainer and researcher

Ha Thanh Huyen
MA, Steering group member

Hai Duong Medical Technical University

Tin tức :: HMTU :: Đại Học Kỹ Thuật Y Tế Hải Dương

Hai Duong Medical Technical University (HMTU) is a public institution, governed by the Ministry of Health to train medical doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, medical laboratory and medical imaging technicians for the healthcare system of Vietnam.

The university was first established in 1960 as a Secondary Medical Technical School that provided a 2-year training program. In 2001, the institution was promoted to a Medical Technical College and provided a 3-year training program. In 2007, it was further enhanced to a university level and provided a 4 or 6-year training program.

Currently, HMTU provides 8 undergraduate courses, including General Nurse, Dental Nurse, Obstetrics, Gynaecology Nurse, Anesthesia Nurse, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Imaging Technician and Medical Doctor. In addition, HMTU provides some on-going training courses for part-time students.

In total, HMTU enrols around 700-800 students annually and currently consists of approximately 3000 undergraduate students.

HMTU has a permanent staff of 295 with more than 90% possessing a master degree and about 20% having attained a doctoral degree. The university also has over 250 part-time lecturers with master or doctoral degrees from hospitals and other institutions in Hai Duong and Ha Noi.

To train quality human resources, HMTU frequently modifies the curricula toward competency-based education and strongly invests in teaching-learning facilities, such as Clinical Skills Training Center, HMTU Hospital, Center for Research & Training for Community Healthcare.

In addition, HMTU has strong partnerships with provincial hospitals, district hospitals and community health centres in Hai Duong and other national hospitals in Ha Noi and additional well-known cities, such as Hai Duong General Provincial Hospital, in which practice under the supervision of clinical educators at the hospital occupies most of nursing student’s mornings, for 2 years in total, and additionally, 1 month at community health centres, 3-6 months at specialist hospitals in Hai Duong and 4 months at a national general Hospital in Ha Noi for graduation internship.

HMTU is a pioneering educational institution that applies the credit system in training medical doctors, nurses and medical technicians since 2010.

The university has first implemented the competency-based education in training nurses, then gradually spreading to other specialized fields. In the process of training, the university has always paid much attention to renovating the program content and training evaluation methods in line with Vietnam’s realities and international integration, ensuring the interlinking between levels, reflects the capacity of students with the viewpoint of learner-centered and life-long learning.

The training quality of HMTU is highly appraisedby other medical institutions. The rate of students who acquire work in their area of training within 6 months after graduation exceeds 90%. HMTU students have been employed in high quantities by many established hospitals and medical institutions in the northern region of Vietnam.In terms of nursing training, HMTU is one of the earliest universities that train nurses in Vietnam. Since 1960, the university began training nurses and mid-wives at secondary level with a two-year program, then began trainingassociated nurses (with 3 nursing specializations: General nurse, dental nurse and anesthesia nurse) and mid-wives with a 3-year program from 2001, and then bachelor of nursing with the duration of 4 years from 2007.

With regard to infection control and prevention, HMTU has frequently performed curricular reforms in different courses for the permanent updating of contents and practices of nurses in the prevention of infections, with the adoption of innovative forms of teaching and learning, new forms of practical training with the adoption of real case studies, open educational resources, realistic simulation labs, as well as new methods and tools of guidance, counselling, coaching, as well as the creation of instructional didactic materials to be adapted into health services.

HMTU will focus on strengthening collaboration with other national and international institutions of higher education, aiming at updating the contents and practices of nurses in the prevention of infections, innovating methodology of teaching and learning, new forms of practical training with the development of real case studies, increasing educational resources, simulation labs, as well as new methods and tools of guidance, counselling, coaching, as well as the creation of instructional didactic materials to be adopted in health services and also the exchange of students and teachers for nursing training and the development of scientific research with emphasis on the area of infection control and prevention.


Dinh Thi Dieu Hang
PhD, MD – Rector and Project manager at HMTU

Dinh Thi Xuyen
PhD, MSc – Lecturer and researcher

Le Duc Thuan
PhD, MD – Lecturer and researcher

Do Thi Thu Hien
PhD, RN – Lecturer and researcher

Pham Thi Thanh Phuong
MSc, RN – Lecturer and Researcher

Dam Thi Thuy
MSc, RN – Lecturer and researcher

Nguyen Thi Hue
MSc, RN – Lecturer and researcher

Do Thi Hue
MSc, RN – Lecturer and researcher

Vu Thi Hai
MSc, RN – Lecturer and researcher

Vu Thi Quyen
RN – Lecturer and researcher

Nguyen Thi Hang
PhD student, MSc, RN – Lecturer and researcher

Khuc Kim Lan
PhD, MSc – Administrator

Vu Thi Anh
MA – Financial advisor

Pham Thi Cam Hung
PhD, MD – Steering group member

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