Capacitating Asian’ Nursing Students on Prevention and Control of Healthcare-associated Infections

Our first open-access publication was published in the Journal of Aging & Innovation! Find the abstract below and read in full-text here.

: Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) represent a major challenge to patient safety and care experience in Asian countries. However, current curricula in Asian Nursing Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) do not comprehensively address the prevention and control of HAIs. To overcome this situation, six international HEIs developed the Erasmus+ PrevInf Project.

Objective: To improve Asian’ nursing students’ competencies in preventing and controlling HAIs and Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS).

Methods: The PrevInf Project will be developed in six main work packages, to produce the PrevInf Pedagogical Model through innovative teaching and learning tools and establish an international community for students, teachers, and nurses to share experiences and opportunities within this field. Quantitative and qualitative data will be collected through structured literature reviews, questionnaires, focus groups and lab-based simulation scenarios. All ethical principles will be respected throughout the Project.

Results: With the PrevInf Model students are expected to change their behaviours and develop their competencies in preventing and controlling HAIs and AMS. Nursing teachers will also have access to innovative pedagogical tools, adapted to local realities and can easily integrate into the current curricula.

Conclusion: The implementation of the PrevInf Project’s intellectual outputs in Asian nursing curricula will enhance students’ critical thinking, innovative, and entrepreneurial competencies in the field of prevention and control of HAIs and AMS, preparing them to face the current challenges of clinical settings.

Keywords: students, nursing; healthcare-associated infections; models, educational

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