4th Transnational Meeting

The 4th Transnational Meeting took place at Hai Duong Medical Technical University, in Hai Duong, Vietnam, between August 27 and 01 September, 2023.

It was a rewarding meeting to improve nursing students’ and teachers’ competence of hospital-Acquired Infections prevention and control (HAIs-PC) education in Asian nursing universities. This meeting held the platform for all partners to present, innovate and further develop all products of the project. The model for guiding the implementation of HAIs-PC into the teaching is completed. This model will guide teachers to use the different teaching methods, like simulation pedagogy to improve the students’ HAIs-PC competence. Finally, to further implement the HAIs-PC knowledge, the E-books for students’ and teachers’ had a good progress and is almost finalized to be published online, free of charge.

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